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Application Permission Issues for Some users in Tandem Citrix Environment
Posted by Jon Klubnik on 30 March 2017 04:00 PM

We have been doing normal server maintenance that may have reset the permissions to your programs for some users.

If you are unable to open your Citrix resources or if you receiver errrors on opening, please reply to this email with the issue and your name and any error message and we will assist.

If you are unable to open an App, or an error opening ACT or Quickbooks,

Thank you for your assistance.

Tandem Support Team


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Notice of Outgoing SPAM FIlter
Posted by Jon Klubnik on 24 September 2015 09:04 AM

In order to provide a more consistant and clean experience for our clients sending outgoing email. We will begin filtering OUTGOING email through our Barracuda spam filter. This device uses the same technology many email providers use to block SPAM in compliance with the Federal CAN SPAM ACT.  (

Currently Outgoing email that is spam will be blocked by the recipients spam filter or Email provider. However allowing such spam to be sent from our servers damages the email reputation of all of our users.  This hurts the email delivery statistics of all users including legitimate users and has placed our servers on Spam Black lists.

We have recently moved the servers to a new "Clean" Ip address and are initiating enforcement of OUTGOING SPAM Filtering in accordance with our Baracuda device and the Federal CAN Spam ACT.

Normal email use will not see any impact.  


Anything below 100 emails per hour up to 1000  per day is considered consistant with our policy.

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Tandem Servers will be unavailable for Scheduled Server Maintenance Friday Sept 25 11pm thru Sat Sept 26 11am.  THere will be no access to anything during this time. Please plan accordingly.

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New Server Maintenance Times
Posted by Jon Klubnik on 31 May 2014 02:36 PM

Starting June 1 we will be doing server maintenance, disaster recovery tests and software patching during the following times

  • Wednesday Evenings (10PM to 12 Midnight (CENTRAL TIME)
  • Sunday Morning (Midnight to 6am CENTRAL TIME)


This does not mean that your server will necessarily be down during these times, but if work needs to be done on a particular server at these times, we will notify users currently online only and attempt to finish work during these periods.

This only applies to normally scheduled maintenance. 


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